Mechanical Services

With over 20 years' experience in the automotive industry, Cullinger Mechanical Repairs is your one stop shop for all your mechanical needs. With the know how to repair and service all makes and models of vehicle whether its' a sedan, 4WD, sports car or family car, Clay at Cullinger Mechanical Repairs offers a wide range of services from logbook servicing to full vehicle diagnostics. Contact us today and speak to our team to find out how we can keep your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently.

Logbook Servicing

Taking your car back to the dealer for mechanical repairs and logbook servicing, can sometimes prove costly. Cullinger Mechanical Repairs has all the equipment required to do full logbook servicing and at a competitive price to all car dealerships meaning you not only get a friendly, honest service but also more back in your pocket. Call us today and see how Clay can help save you time and money when it comes to servicing your car on a regular basis.

Full Vehicle Diagnostics

With the latest tools and equipment, Cullinger Mechanical Repairs has what it takes to fully diagnose your vehicle and find out exactly what is wrong with it, taking out all of the guess work and leaving only an accurate diagnosis. Clay uses the Snap-on Solus Edge which features the Fast-Track Troubleshooter database giving us extensive tips and time savers at his fingertips saving you money and giving you results quickly. Give Clay a call or send him an email to find out how he can help find out what is going wrong with your vehicle today.

Battery Testing and Replacement

Clay at Cullinger Mechanical Repairs has the knowledge and expertise to test, diagnose and replace your vehicles battery. We stock Neuton Power Heavy Duty Batteries which come with a 36 Month Warranty, to make sure you get the most out of it. Contact us today and talk to us about how we can get your vehicle's battery running at 100%.

EFI Specialists

Cullinger Mechanical Repairs is equipped with the latest in EFI diagnostics equipment to accurately diagnose and repair any EFI problem, restoring power and efficiency to your vehicle. Just give the EFI specialist a call on (02) 6054 0702 or send Clay an enquiry and we will discuss how we can help you today.


Are you feeling every bump in the road? Are you feeling your call "pull" to one side during turns? Is the nose (front) of your car lurching forward or downward when you apply the brakes firmly? Theres a good just that your suspension is worn and needs to be repaired or even replaced. Talk to Clay at Cullinger Mechanical Services today on (02) 6054 0702 or send an enquiry  to discuss getting your car riding smoothly once again.

Brakes and Clutch Repairs

With over 16 years' experience working on vehicles, Clay at Culligner Mechanical Repairs has the knowledge to repair and replace your worn down brakes.Cullinger uses Bendix brakes which are designed and manufactured for local conditions. This ensures they are right for your cehicle whether its and everyday family car, a 4WD or even a high performance car.

Is your clutch slipping out of gear? Is the clutch pedal harder to press or disengage? Chances are your clutch needs to be replaced. Cullinger Mechanical Repairs can help you get your vehicle changing gears like it use to when you first drove it. Contact us today on (02) 6054 0702 or send us an enquiry  and discuss how Cullinger Mechanical Repairs can help you.